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Furnace Repair in Scarborough

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Furnace Repair in Scarborough

Do you need a furnace repair in Scarborough?

Have a broken furnace and need an emergency heater repair or replacement?

We are here to assist. We provide choices for domestic heating and apartment heating. We will supply you with all the info as you require, or visit your home and offer you a personalized strategy and quotation. Let us take care of your furnace repair in Scarborough. Easy approval financing is offered.


Prevent having to answer this question while in an emergency and in the cold.

Warranty Matters

The majority of heaters last about 10 to 15 years and have a 10-year parts warranty, and 1 year labour guarantee on them. (Learn more about furnace warranties on our YouTube video:


After around 10 years, your heating system can end up being a significant liability, as the expensive, intricate motors and other parts wear.

If the ECM blower motor in your heater needs replacement, it’ll cost approximately $2,000. Prevent having a pricey furnace repair in Scarborough.

Planning Pays Off

Being required to make a severe monetary decision under duress is never a terrific position to be in. We suggest examining your choices with a Home Comfort Advisor in your own home at a practical time, when your heating system is around 8 to 10 years old. That's why we provide info sessions, customized plans, and financing alternatives to assist you prepare beforehand.

Strategize Beforehand Under No Sales Pressure with Furnace King

Planning only costs you a little time. We supply the info and quote at no cost, and we are constantly readily available to answer your questions.

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Why Choose a Furnace King New-Furnace Experience?

1. Warranty
  • We provide the most complete warranty in the industry. A lot of HVAC companies offer ten years parts and one year labour.
  • We offer 10 years labour on top of the 10 years parts (that’s an estimated value of $2,000 at minimum).
2. Heater Quality
  • We use only the best quality brands and ensure that the model you decide upon is the perfect match for your home.
3. Incentives
  • We also give you a free Nest Thermostat (With a value of over $499) OR a whole home duct cleaning service within the first 48 months you own your furnace.
4. Rebates
  • We provide a guaranteed rebate of $500.
  • You may also be eligible for up to $5000 (Canada Energy Savings or Greener Homes Program, through Enbridge or Union Gas) rebate.
5. Trust
  • We are a local company with over 40 combined years in the industry.
  • We are accredited with the BBB (link to BBB page) and Renovation Find, and have an A+ rating with the BBB.
  • We have hundreds of excellent testimonials across all review websites. (See here)
6. Price
  • We’ll do our utmost to confirm that you can choose the furnace that suits you best without monetary stress.
  • You can buy now, and pay later.
  • We offer manageable monthly payments with quick approval.
  • Seniors over the age of 60 get a 10% discount.
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When to Think About a Furnace Replacement

Furnace Repair in Scarborough

Instead of getting a furnace repair in Scarborough, you might need a furnace replacement from Furnace King. Here are some indications that you must think about getting a new heating system:

  • Your energy costs keeps increasing
  • You notice your air feels extra dry, has particulate, and smells stagnant
  • You hear noises from your heating system that you do not recall hearing previously
  • You realize its warm in some spaces and cool in others

Call us or contact us for a complimentary consultation and quote.

Discover More Before You Buy

Your heating system is one of the most important systems in your house. It pays to make the effort to understand it well. A great option of heater depends upon factors such as:

  • home size and age
  • materials your house is built with
  • your climate preferences
  • room sizes and functions
  • how many windows you have
  • the kind of insulation you have

These are the types of concerns we will ask in order to give you correct suggestions for a new heating system and appropriate installation.

Take Note of What You Have

It is helpful to take a look at the type of system you currently have in your home. It could be among these:

Central Heat - This is an extremely common type of heating, and can involve heating systems, boilers, and a heat pump that flow the warm air throughout the house.

Direct Heat - These supply a single source of heating, and it moves into a location of your home. Examples of direct heat are fireplaces, gas heating units, electrical space heaters.

Together with your A/C system, air quality systems and humidifier, your heater is meant to supply a steady environment inside regardless of the weather condition outside. Avoid having an unnecessary furnace repair in Scarborough.

Begin Your Research with Our Complimentary Help

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How are Boilers Different than Furnaces?

Boiler systems, or hydronic systems utilize hot water to disperse heat. Boilers require gas or heating oil to heat warm water, and push it through radiators and other devices, moving heat to other parts of your house. The water continuously cycles so it goes back to the boiler to be heated again. At Furnace King we install new boilers, and we provide boiler repair and upkeep services.

{If you have a boiler in your home, and it does not appear to be performing, call us. We are also} highly skilled in installing new boilers and removing the old. We provide a range of brand names, competitive rates, and will happily arrange a free assessment to help you select the best for you. We service the Mississauga, GTA, Scarborough, Burlington area.|If you have a boiler in your home, and it doesn't appear to be carrying out, call us. We service the Mississauga, GTA, Scarborough, Burlington area.}

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